Publications associated with Intense X-ray-Matter Interactions

Measurements of the K-shell opacity of a solid-density magnesium plasma heated by an X-ray free electron laser

Physical Review Letters American Physical Society 119 (2017) 085001-

TR Preston, SM Vinko, O Ciricosta, P Hollebon, T Preston, H-K Chung, GL Dakovski, J Krzywinski, M Minitti, T Burian, J Chalupský, V Hájková, L Juha, V Vozda, U Zastrau, RW Lee, JS Wark

We present measurements of the spectrally-resolved X-rays emitted from solid-density magnesium targets of varying sub-μm thicknesses isochorically heated by an X-ray laser. The data exhibit a largely thickness-independent source function, allowing the extraction of a measure of the opacity to K-shell X-rays within well-defined regimes of electron density and temperature, extremely close to local thermodynamic equilibrium (LTE) conditions. The deduced opacities at the peak of the K-α transitions of the ions are consistent with those predicted by detailed atomic-kinetics calculations.

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