Publications associated with Intense X-ray-Matter Interactions

Soft x-ray free electron laser microfocus for exploring matter under extreme conditions.

Opt Express 17 (2009) 18271-18278

AJ Nelson, S Toleikis, H Chapman, S Bajt, J Krzywinski, J Chalupsky, L Juha, J Cihelka, V Hajkova, L Vysin, T Burian, M Kozlova, RR Fäustlin, B Nagler, SM Vinko, T Whitcher, T Dzelzainis, O Renner, K Saksl, AR Khorsand, PA Heimann, R Sobierajski, D Klinger, M Jurek, J Pelka, B Iwan, J Andreasson, N Timneanu, M Fajardo, JS Wark, D Riley, T Tschentscher, J Hajdu, RW Lee

We have focused a beam (BL3) of FLASH (Free-electron LASer in Hamburg: lambda = 13.5 nm, pulse length 15 fs, pulse energy 10-40 microJ, 5 Hz) using a fine polished off-axis parabola having a focal length of 270 mm and coated with a Mo/Si multilayer with an initial reflectivity of 67% at 13.5 nm. The OAP was mounted and aligned with a picomotor controlled six-axis gimbal. Beam imprints on poly(methyl methacrylate) - PMMA were used to measure focus and the focused beam was used to create isochoric heating of various slab targets. Results show the focal spot has a diameter of < or =1 microm. Observations were correlated with simulations of best focus to provide further relevant information.

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