Publications associated with Intense X-ray-Matter Interactions

XUV emission from autoionizing hole states induced by intense XUV-FEL at intensities up to 10<sup>17</sup> W/cm<sup>2</sup>

Journal of Physics: Conference Series 244 (2010)

FB Rosmej, E Galtier, D Riley, T Dzelzainis, P Heinmann, FY Khattak, RW Lee, B Nagler, A Nelson, T Tschentscher, SM Vinko, T Whitcher, S Toleikis, R Fäustlin, R Soberierski, L Juha, M Fajardo, JS Wark, J Chalupsky, V Hajkova, J Krzywinski, M Jurek, M Kozlova

Aluminium targets were irradiated with 92 eV radiation from FLASH Free Electron Laser at DESY at intensities up to 1017 W/cm2 by focussing the beam on target down to a spot size of ∼1 μm by means of a parabolic mirror. High resolution XUV spectroscopy was used to identify aluminium emission from complex hole-states. Simulations carried out with the MARIA code show that the emission characterizes the electron heating in the transition phase solid-atomic. The analysis allows constructing a simple model of electron heating via Auger electrons. © 2010 IOP Publishing Ltd.

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