Oxford Centre For High Energy Density Science (OXCHEDS)

The Wark group forms part of the Oxford Centre For High Energy Density Science (with Justin Wark acting as director). The centre consists of four groups united by their interest in the properties of matter at high pressure and temperature, with energy densities exceeding 1011 Jm-3.

Oxford Solid Mechanics

The group is a member of the Oxford Solid Mechanics Initiative. The University of Oxford has a large number of faculty across many science departments researching the mechanics of solids. Our own work, diagnosing shock compression of condensed matter with ultra-short X-ray diffraction, has overlaps with the work of colleagues in the Maths, Engineering, and Materials Science Departments, and Oxford has one of the largest groups of faculty working in shock physics in the UK.

Peak Brightness Collaboration

Our group is part of the Peak Brightness Collaboration, which brings together a number of international researchers who share a common interest in using the latest 4th generation free-electron laser light sources to advance research in fields like plasma physics, finite temperature condensed matter physics and diffractive imaging. The collaboration was initially formed to promote and enhance cooperation of people from different research fields and with different expertise to jointly use the FLASH facility at DESY, Germany.