Publications associated with High Energy Density Physics and Inertial Fusion Energy

High energy density science with FELs, intense short pulse tunable x-ray sources - art. no. 626101

P SOC PHOTO-OPT INS 6261 (2006) 26101-26101

RW Lee, SJ Moon, HK Chung, RC Cauble, S Glenzer, OL Landen, SJ Rose, HA Scott, G Gregori, D Riley

Short pulse (< 100 fs) tunable X-ray and VUV laser sources, based on the. free electron laser (FEL) concept, will be a watershed for high energy density research in several areas. These new 4(th) generation light sources will have extremely high fields and short wavelength (similar to 0.1 nm) with peak spectral brightness -photons/(s/mrad(2)/mm(2)/0.1% bandwidth- 10(10) greater than 3(rd) generation light sources. We briefly discuss several applications: the creation of warm dense matter (WDM), probing of near solid density plasmas, and laser-plasma spectroscopy of ions in plasmas. The study of dense plasmas has been severely hampered by the fact that laser-based probes that can directly access the matter in this regime have been unavailable and these new 4(th) generation sources will remove these restrictions. Finally, we present the plans for a user-oriented set of facilities that will incorporate high-energy, intense short-pulse, and x-ray lasers at the first x-ray FEL, the LCLS to be opened at SLAC in 2009.

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