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In February 2014 Peter Read appeared on the BBC's The Sky at Night to discuss the laboratory experiments for their episode Jupiter: Weather and Moons. The program also featured some of Yixiong Wang's work on comparative planetary atmospheres. You can see the full clip on the BBC website.

Roland Young discussed the group's lab experiments in a short talk Spin Doctors: Creating a planet's atmosphere in the lab at the Stargazing Oxford event in January 2014. The video is available at University of Oxford podcasts and also at iTunes U.

The laboratory experiments also featured in the 2011 BBC2 series Earth: The Climate Wars.

Some of our experiments at the 13m Coriolis facility in Grenoble were filmed for the National Geographic Channel's 2008 film Naked Science: Saturn's Secrets.

Coverage of published articles

Fletcher et al.'s 2011 Science paper "Thermal Structure and Dynamics of Saturn's Northern Springtime Disturbance"

Paper: Science
Media: Oxford University, ESO, NASA, EurekAlert! 1, EurekAlert! 2,

Castrejón-Pita & Read's 2010 Phys. Rev. Lett. paper "Synchronization in a pair of thermally coupled rotating baroclinic annuli: Understanding atmospheric teleconnections in the laboratory"

Paper: Phys. Rev. Lett.
Media: Physical Review Focus

Li et al.'s 2010 J. Geophys. Res. paper "Saturn's emitted power"

Paper: J. Geophys. Res.
Media: EurekAlert,

Aguiar et al.'s 2009 Icarus paper "A laboratory model of Saturn's North Polar Hexagon"

Paper: Icarus
Media: Oxford University, Science Now, Planetary Society Blog, Softpedia, Spyglass' Ramblings Blog, Bright Hub, Boing Boing, Bad Astronomy, and many others.

Read et al.'s 2009 Nature paper "Saturn's rotation period from its atmospheric planetary-wave configuration"

Paper: Nature
Media: Science, Discovery Channel, Cosmos, Oxford University, Peter Read interviewed on the Nature podcast.