Group members

Current researchers

Professor Peter Read Professor of Physics and Group Leader
Professor Ray Pierrehumbert Halley Professor of Physics

Current graduate students

Alexandru Valeanu 4th Year UKSA D.Phil. Student
Susie Wright 2nd Year NERC / Met Office D.Phil. Student
Chin-Min (Andre) Liu 1st Year Swire Studentship D.Phil. Student
Cherry Qian 1st Year D.Phil. Student funded by a David Richards Scholarship in Climate Research

Associate group members

Dr Irene Moroz Lecturer in Mathematics at OCIAM
Dr Paul Dellar University Lecturer at OCIAM
Professor Alfonso Castrejón-Pita Associate Professor and Royal Society URF in the Department of Engineering Science
Kylash Rajendran 4th Year D.Phil. Student at OCIAM supervised by Peter Read and Irene Moroz

Former group members

Dr Roland Young Former Postdoctoral Researcher; now at the Laboratoire de Météorologie Dynamique.
Dr Hélène Scolan Former Postdoctoral Researcher; now at Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 / ENS Lyon
Judy Simpson Former NERC D.Phil. Student
Arrate Antuñano Martin Former visiting Ph.D student from Universidad del País Vasco
Dr Luca Montabone Former Academic visitor; now Research Affiliate at the Space Science Institute
Dr Yasuhiro Yamazaki Former Research Scientist; now Senior Lecturer in the School of Geography Politics and Sociology at Newcastle University
Dr James Cho Former Visiting Scientist from the School of Mathematical Sciences at QMUL
Dr Peter Rogberg Former Postdoctoral Researcher; now at the Department of Physical Geography and Quaternary Geology at Stockholm University.
Dr Stephen Lewis Former University Lecturer; now Senior Lecturer at the Open University
Dr Suzy Bingham Former Postdoctoral Researcher; now at the Met Office

Completed D.Phil. students

Dr Fachreddin Tabataba-Vakili D.Phil. 2017 Now at NASA JPL
Dr Tao Ruan D.Phil. 2015
Dr Sam Marshall D.Phil. 2014
Dr Yixiong Wang D.Phil. 2014 Now at Credit Suisse
Dr Hannah Christensen (Arnold) D.Phil. 2013 Now Postdoctoral Fellow at NCAR
Dr João Mendonça D.Phil. 2013 Now Assistant Professor at the University of Copenhagen
Dr David Mulholland D.Phil. 2012 Now Climate Prediction Research Fellow at the University of Reading
Dr Tom Jacoby D.Phil. 2011 Now at Adlens
Dr James Maddison D.Phil. 2011 Now Lecturer in the School of Mathematics at the University of Edinburgh
Dr Roland Young D.Phil. 2009 Now Postdoctoral Researcher at LMD
Dr Lena Zuchowski D.Phil. 2009 Now Lecturer in the Philosophy of Science at the University of Bristol
Dr Robin Wordsworth D.Phil. 2008 Now Assistant Professor in SEAS at Harvard University
Dr Ana Aguiar D.Phil. 2008 Now at the Met Office
Dr Tim Spain D.Phil. 2006 Now Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at University College London
Dr Christopher Lee D.Phil. 2006 Now at Ashima Research
Dr Edgar Perez D.Phil. 2006
Dr Richard Keane D.Phil. 2005 Now at the Meteorological Institute at LMU Munich
Dr Fiona Eccles D.Phil. 2003 Now Lecturer in Research Methods in the Faculty of Health & Medicine at Lancaster University
Dr Paul Williams D.Phil. 2003 Now Royal Society University Research Fellow at the University of Reading
Dr Henning Böttger D.Phil. 2003
Dr Claire Newman D.Phil. 2001 Now at Ashima Research
Dr Stephan Risch D.Phil. 1999 Now Senior Systems Engineer at ESG GmbH
Dr David Skeet D.Phil. 1999
Dr Simon Elliott D.Phil. 1995
Dr Manoj Joshi D.Phil. 1994 Now Lecturer in Climate Dynamics at the University of East Anglia
Dr Mark Bastin D.Phil. 1993 Now Reader in Medical Imaging at the CCBS at the University of Edinburgh
Dr Wolf Früh D.Phil. 1993 Now Senior Lecturer in the IMPEE at Heriot-Watt University