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Final assembly, metrology, and testing of the WEAVE fibre positioner

Proceedings of SPIE Society of Photo-optical Instrumentation Engineers 11447 (2020)

S Hughes, E Schallig, I Lewis, G Dalton, D Terrett, DC Abrams, S Trager, M Brock, G Bishop, K Middleton, P Bonifacio, A Vallenari, E Carrasco, A Aguerri

WEAVE is the new wide-field spectroscopy facility for the prime focus of the William Herschel Telescope at La Palma, Spain. Its fibre positioner is essential for the accurate placement of the spectrograph’s 960 fibre multiplex. We provide an overview of the final assembly and metrology of the fibre positioner, and results of lab commissioning of its robot gantries. A completely new z-gantry for each positioner robot was acquired, with measurements showing a marked improvement in positioning repeatability. We also present the first results of the configuration soft ng, and discuss the metrology procedures that must be repeated after the positioner’s arrival at the observatory.

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