Galaxy Surveys

Studying the formation and evolution of galaxies is one of the largest research areas in Oxford. This research is carried out using both large imaging and spectroscopic surveys across all wavelengths coupled with cutting-edge N-body and hydrodynamics numerical simulations.

High-redshift galaxy surveys
We use deep imaging observations spanning the whole of the electromagnetic spectrum to gain an understanding of how galaxies evolve from very high redshift (z>6) through to the present day. Oxford lead or play a significant role in many of these observational campaigns.

Low-redshift galaxy surveys
Most of our work at low-redshift is dedicated to using integral-field spectroscopy surveys although we are also heavily involved in several wide-field imaging surveys.

Galaxy Groups & Clusters
How galaxies form and evolve is also dependent on the environment in which they reside. Oxford plays a leading role in understanding the environmental impact on galaxy evolution from both observational and theoretical perspectives.

Simulating Galaxy Formation and Evolution
We perform cutting edge hydrodynamical simulations of structure formation in an expanding Universe dominated by dark energy and dark matter to understand
how properties of galaxies arise and evolve in such a model.