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KROSS-SAMI: A Direct IFS Comparison of the Tully-Fisher Relation Across 8 Gyr Since $z \approx 1$

Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society Oxford University Press (OUP) (2018)

AL Tiley, M Bureau, L Cortese, CM Harrison, HL Johnson, JP Stott, AM Swinbank, I Smail, D Sobral, AJ Bunker, K Glazebrook, RG Bower, D Obreschkow, JJ Bryant, MJ Jarvis, J Bland-Hawthorn, G Magdis, AM Medling, SM Sweet, C Tonini, OJ Turner, RM Sharples, SM Croom, M Goodwin, IS Konstantopoulos, NPF Lorente, JS Lawrence, J Mould, MS Owers, SN Richards

We construct Tully-Fisher relations (TFRs), from large samples of galaxies with spatially-resolved H$\alpha$ emission maps from the K-band Multi-Object Spectrograph (KMOS) Redshift One Spectroscopic Survey (KROSS) at $z\approx1$. We compare these to data from the Sydney-Australian-Astronomical-Observatory Multi-object Integral-Field Spectrograph (SAMI) Galaxy Survey at $z\approx0$. We stringently match the data quality of the latter to the former, and apply identical analysis methods and sub-sample selection criteria to both to conduct a direct comparison of the absolute $K$-band magnitude and stellar mass TFRs at $z\approx1$ and $z\approx0$. We find that matching the quality of the SAMI data to that of KROSS results in TFRs that differ significantly in slope, zero-point and (sometimes) scatter in comparison to the corresponding original SAMI relations. These differences are in every case as large or larger than the differences between the KROSS $z\approx1$ and matched SAMI $z\approx0$ relations. Accounting for these differences, we compare the TFRs at $z\approx1$ and $z\approx0$. For disk-like, star-forming galaxies we find no significant difference in the TFR zero-points between the two epochs. This suggests the growth of stellar mass and dark matter in these types of galaxies is intimately linked over this $\approx8$ Gyr period.

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