The Next-Band All Sky Survey (NextBASS)

NextBASS and X-BASS are future experiments that will image the whole sky continuously in frequency from 7 GHz to 30 GHz, measuring both brightness and polarisation of the sky.


Next-BASS is an ambitious project to carry out another full-sky survey, following on from the legacy of C-BASS. NextBASS is a 6m telescope with two, 2:1 bandwidth channels at 7-15 GHz and 15-30 GHz, using multiple feeds in the higher channel to achieve a sensitivity that parallels that of post-2020 higher frequency CMB satellite experiments. The optical design and digital back-end technology will be state of the art, producing the higest sensitivity foreground maps to date with minimal systemastics. NextBASS will be invaluable to our understanding of galactic foregrounds and will play an important role in tightening constrains on the yet-detected primordial B-mode polarisation signal.

XBASS is a concept to re-commission the C-BASS South Telescope optics once it has finished observing. It will use a single 7-15 GHz feed to make a map of 70% of the sky in both temperature and polarisation along with an iTPM board(italian Tile Processor Module), which is currently being developed in collaboration with INAF and Oxford University for the Square Kilometer Array. XBASS will be able to achieve an equivalent sensitvity to synchrotron of 1µKarcmin at 100 GHz. X-BASS will perform as the lower channel of NextBASS.