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The CRESST-III low-mass WIMP detector

Journal of Physics: Conference Series Institute of Physics 718 (2016) 042048-

G Angloher, A Bento, C Bucci, L Canonica, X Defay, A Erb, F von Feilitzsch, N Ferreiro Iachellini, P Gorla, A Gütlein, D Hauff, J Jochum, M Kiefer, H Kluck, H Kraus, J-C Lanfranchi, J Loebell, A Münster, C Pagliarone, F Petricca, C Strandhagen, A Tanzke, HH Trinh Thi, C Türkoğlu, M Uffinger

The next generation direct dark matter experiment CRESST-III has a high potential to significantly increase the sensitivity to low-mass WIMPs (mx ≲10 GeV/c2). We present the new CRESST detector module: it consists of a 24 g CaWO4 crystal operated as a phonon detector and a 20x20 mm^2 silicon-on-sapphire light detector. The phonon energy threshold is lowered to ~100 eV and a light detector resolution of typically 5 eV is achieved. A fully-scintillating inner detector housing is realised which efficiently rejects events from surface alpha decays. The CaWO4 sticks holding the target crystal are also operated as calorimeters to discriminate all possible artefacts related to the support structure. A projection for the sensitivity to spin-independent WIMP-nucleon scattering is given for the first phase of CRESSTIII which will start beginning of 2016.

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