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Optimization of light collection from crystal scintillators for cryogenic experiments

4th International Conference on Current Problems in Nuclear Physics and Atomic Energy, NPAE 2012 - Proceedings (2013) 400-403

VM Mokina, FA Danevich, VV Kobychev, H Kraus, VB Mikhailik, LL Nagornaya

Cryogenic scintillation bolometers are a promising technique to search for dark matter and neutrinoless double β decay. Improvement of light collection and energy resolution are important requirements in such experiments. Energy resolutions and relative pulse amplitudes of scintillation detectors using ZnWO 4 scintillation crystals of different shapes (cylinder Ø 20 × 20 mm and hexagonal prism with diagonal 20 mm and height 20 mm), reflector materials and shapes, optical contact and surface properties (polished and diffused) were measured. The crystal scintillator of hexagonal shape shows the better energy resolution and pulse amplitude. The best energy resolution (FWHM = 9.3 % for 662 keV γ quanta of 137 Cs) was obtained with a hexagonal scintillator with all surfaces diffuse, in optical contact with a PMT and surrounded by a reflector (3M) of size Ø 26 × 25 mm. In the geometry "without optical contact" representing the conditions of light collection for a cryogenic scintillating bolometer the best energy resolution and relative pulse amplitude was obtained for a hexagonal shape scintillator with diffuse side and polished face surfaces, surrounded by a reflector with a gap between the scintillator and the reflector.

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