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Background studies for the EDELWEISS dark matter experiment

Astroparticle Physics 47 (2013) 1-9

E Armengaud, C Augier, A Benoît, A Benoît, L Bergé, T Bergmann, J Blümer, A Broniatowski, V Brudanin, B Censier, M Chapellier, F Charlieux, F Couedo, P Coulter, GA Cox, M De Jesus, J Domange, AA Drilien, L Dumoulin, K Eitel, D Filosofov, N Fourches, J Gascon, G Gerbier, M Gros, S Henry, S Hervé, G Heuermann, N Holtzer, A Juillard, M Kleifges, H Kluck, V Kozlov, H Kraus, VA Kudryavtsev, H Le Sueur, P Loaiza, S Marnieros, A Menshikov, XF Navick, C Nones, E Olivieri, P Pari, B Paul, O Rigaut, M Robinson, S Rozov, V Sanglard, B Schmidt, S Scorza, B Siebenborn, S Semikh, D Tcherniakhovski, AS Torrento-Coello, L Vagneron, RJ Walker, M Weber, E Yakushev, X Zhang

The EDELWEISS-II collaboration has completed a direct search for WIMP dark matter using cryogenic Ge detectors (400 g each) and 384 kg × days of effective exposure. A cross-section of 4.4×10 -8 pb is excluded at 90% C. L. for a WIMP mass of 85 GeV. The next phase, EDELWEISS-III, aims to probe spin-independent WIMP-nucleon cross-sections down to a few ×10 -9 pb. We present here the study of gamma and neutron background coming from radioactive decays in the set-up and shielding materials. We have carried out Monte Carlo simulations for the completed EDELWEISS-II setup with GEANT4 and normalised the expected background rates to the measured radioactivity levels (or their upper limits) of all materials and components. The expected gamma-ray event rate in EDELWEISS-II at 20-200 keV agrees with the observed rate of 82 events/kg/day within the uncertainties in the measured concentrations. The calculated neutron rate from radioactivity of 1.0-3.1 events (90% C. L.) at 20-200 keV in the EDELWEISS-II data together with the expected upper limit on the misidentified gamma-ray events (≤0.9), surface betas (≤0.3), and muon-induced neutrons (≤0.7), do not contradict five observed events in nuclear recoil band. We have then extended the simulation framework to the EDELWEISS-III configuration with 800 g crystals, better material purity and additional neutron shielding inside the cryostat. The gamma-ray and neutron backgrounds in 24 kg fiducial mass of EDELWEISS-III have been calculated as 14-44 events/kg/day and 0.7-1.4 events per year, respectively. The results of the background studies performed in the present work have helped to select better purity components and improve shielding in EDELWEISS-III to further reduce the expected rate of background events in the next phase of the experiment. © 2013 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

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