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Search for low-mass WIMPs with EDELWEISS-II heat-and-ionization detectors

Physical Review D - Particles, Fields, Gravitation and Cosmology 86 (2012)

E Armengaud, C Augier, A Benoît, L Bergé, T Bergmann, J Blümer, A Broniatowski, V Brudanin, B Censier, M Chapellier, F Charlieux, F Couëdo, P Coulter, GA Cox, J Domange, AA Drillien, L Dumoulin, K Eitel, D Filosofov, N Fourches, J Gascon, G Gerbier, J Gironnet, M Gros, S Henry, G Heuermann, S Hervé, A Juillard, M Kleifges, H Kluck, V Kozlov, H Kraus, VA Kudryavtsev, H Le Sueur, P Loaiza, S Marnieros, A Menshikov, XF Navick, C Nones, E Olivieri, P Pari, B Paul, M Robinson, S Rozov, V Sanglard, B Schmidt, B Siebenborn, D Tcherniakhovski, AS Torrento-Coello, L Vagneron, RJ Walker, M Weber, E Yakushev, X Zhang

We report on a search for low-energy (E < 20keV) WIMP-induced nuclear recoils using data collected in 2009-2010 by EDELWEISS from four germanium detectors equipped with thermal sensors and an electrode design (ID) which allows to efficiently reject several sources of background. The data indicate no evidence for an exponential distribution of low-energy nuclear recoils that could be attributed to WIMP elastic scattering after an exposure of 113kg•d. For weakly interacting massive particles (WIMPs) of mass 10 GeV, the observation of one event in the WIMP search region results in a 90% C.L. limit of 1.0×10 - 5pb on the spin-independent WIMP-nucleon scattering cross-section, which constrains the parameter space associated with the findings reported by the CoGeNT, DAMA and CRESST experiments. © 2012 American Physical Society.

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