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Latest results of CRESST-III's search for sub-GeV/c2 dark matter

Journal of Physics: Conference Series 1468 (2020)

H Kluck, AH Abdelhameed, G Angloher, P Bauer, A Bento, E Bertoldo, R Breier, C Bucci, L Canonica, A D'Addabbo, S Di Lorenzo, A Erb, FV Feilitzsch, N Ferreiro Iachellini, S Fichtinger, A Fuss, P Gorla, D Hauff, M Jeskovsky, J Jochum, J Kaizer, A Kinast, H Kraus, A Langenkämper, M Mancuso, V Mokina, E Mondragon, M Olmi, T Ortmann, C Pagliarone, V Palusova, L Pattavina, F Petricca, W Potzel, P Povinec, F Pröbst, F Reindl, J Rothe, K Schaner, J Schieck, V Schipperges, D Schmiedmayer, S Schönert, C Schwertner, M Stahlberg, L Stodolsky, C Strandhagen, R Strauss, I Usherov, M Willers, V Zema, J Zeman

© 2020 Institute of Physics Publishing. All rights reserved. The CRESST-III experiment searches for direct interactions of dark matter with ordinary matter. The main event signature would be a nuclear recoil inside one of the scintillating CaWO4 crystals. Operating the crystals as cryogenic calorimeters provides a phonon signal as measure of the deposited energy. The simultaneous readout of both signals is used to actively discriminate backgrounds. CRESST-III focuses on the sub-GeV/c2 mass region where the sensitivity is driven by the threshold. In the _rst data taking campaign of CRESST-III from 2016-2018 an unprecedented low threshold of 30.1 eV for nuclear recoils was obtained. In this contribution, we will report the status of the experiment and the latest results.

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