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Spin quantum Hall effect and plateau transitions in multilayer network models

ArXiv (2011)

JT Chalker, M Ortuño, AM Somoza

We study the spin quantum Hall effect and transitions between Hall plateaus in quasi two-dimensional network models consisting of several coupled layers. Systems exhibiting the spin quantum Hall effect belong to class C in the symmetry classification for Anderson localisation, and for network models in this class there is an established mapping between the quantum problem and a classical one involving random walks. This mapping permits numerical studies of plateau transitions in much larger samples than for other symmetry classes, and we use it to examine localisation in systems consisting of $n$ weakly coupled layers. Standard scaling ideas lead one to expect $n$ distinct plateau transitions, but in the case of the unitary symmetry class this conclusion has been questioned. Focussing on a two-layer model, we demonstrate that there are two separate plateau transitions, with the same critical properties as in a single-layer model, even for very weak interlayer coupling.

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