Publications associated with Condensed Matter Theory

Open-boundary Hamiltonian adaptive resolution. From grand canonical to non-equilibrium molecular dynamics simulations.

The Journal of chemical physics 152 (2020) 194104-

M Heidari, K Kremer, R Golestanian, R Potestio, R Cortes-Huerto

We propose an open-boundary molecular dynamics method in which an atomistic system is in contact with an infinite particle reservoir at constant temperature, volume, and chemical potential. In practice, following the Hamiltonian adaptive resolution strategy, the system is partitioned into a domain of interest and a reservoir of non-interacting, ideal gas particles. An external potential, applied only in the interfacial region, balances the excess chemical potential of the system. To ensure that the size of the reservoir is infinite, we introduce a particle insertion/deletion algorithm to control the density in the ideal gas region. We show that it is possible to study non-equilibrium phenomena with this open-boundary molecular dynamics method. To this aim, we consider a prototypical confined liquid under the influence of an external constant density gradient. The resulting pressure-driven flow across the atomistic system exhibits a velocity profile consistent with the corresponding solution of the Navier-Stokes equation. This method conserves, on average, linear momentum and closely resembles experimental conditions. Moreover, it can be used to study various direct and indirect out-of-equilibrium conditions in complex molecular systems.

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