Publications associated with Condensed Matter Theory

Topology and Morphology of Self-Deforming Active Shells.

Physical review letters 123 (2019) 208001-208001

L Metselaar, JM Yeomans, A Doostmohammadi

We present a generic framework for modeling three-dimensional deformable shells of active matter that captures the orientational dynamics of the active particles and hydrodynamic interactions on the shell and with the surrounding environment. We find that the cross talk between the self-induced flows of active particles and dynamic reshaping of the shell can result in conformations that are tunable by varying the form and magnitude of active stresses. We further demonstrate and explain how self-induced topological defects in the active layer can direct the morphodynamics of the shell. These findings are relevant to understanding morphological changes during organ development and the design of bioinspired materials that are capable of self-organization.

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