Supervisors & Research Topics

Potential supervisors for 2019:

Prof John Chalker, Head of Condensed Matter Theory Group

My research interests are:

  • Geometrically frustrated magnets
  • Quantum systems far from equilibrium

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Current Graduate Students:
Amos Chan
Samuel Garratt

Recent Graduate Student(s):
Dillon Liu (2017) Correlations in Geometrically Frustrated Magnets and Related Systems
Gabor Halasz (2015) Theoretical Quantum Condensed Matter Physics
Darren Tan (2014) Frustrated magnetism in the extended kagome lattice
Mathias Rufino (2014) Two non-equilibrium phenomena in low-dimensional electronic systems
Adam Nahum (2013) Critical Phenomena in Loop Models

Prof Fabian Essler

My research interests are:

  • Finite-temperature quantum dynamics in strongly correlated electron systems
  • Nonequilibrium dynamics in one dimensional many-body systems

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Current Graduate Students:
Yuri van Nieuwkerk
Aleksandra Ziolkowska

Recent Graduate Student(s):
Stefan Groha (2018) Weak integrability breaking and full counting statistics
Thomas Veness (2017) Equilibrium and Non-Equilibrium Dynamics of Low-Dimensional Systems
Bruno Bertini (2015) Non-Equilibrium Dynamics in Quantum Integrable Systems
Neil Robinson (2014) One-Dimensional Condensed Matter Systems

Prof Paul Fendley

I study the statistical mechanics of strongly correlated systems, utilizing exact methods such as integrability, conformal field theory and supersymmetry. A particular focus has been on topologically ordered systems and their applications.

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Current Graduate Student(s):
Jack Kemp
Sharmistha Sahoo
Edward O'Brien

Prof Ramin Golestanian

My research interests are:

  • Nonequilibrium collective behaviour in active matter
  • Physics of living matter

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Current Graduate Student(s):
Tunrayo Adeleke-Larodo
Saeed Mahdisoltani

Recent Graduate Student(s):
Mira Zorkot (2018) Current fluctuations in ionic nanopores
Anatolij Gelimson (2017) Collective Behaviour of Bacteria in a Viscous Environment
Rachel Bennett (2015) Physics of microorganism behaviour: Motility, synchronisation, run-and-tumble, phototaxis
Jack Cohen (2013) Active colloids and polymer translocation

Prof Ard Louis

My research interests are:

  • Self-assembly of DNA
  • Physics of biological evolution
  • Physics of machine learning

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Current Graduate Student(s):
Pedro Fonseca
Vaibhav Mohanty
Wilber Lim
Shuofeng Zhang
Joakim Bohlin
Guillermo Valle Perez
Behnam Najafii

Recent Graduate Student(s):
Ferdinando Randisi (2019) Theory and simulation of twisted DNA duplexes
Megan Engel (2018) Exploration of DNA systems under internal and external forcing using coarse-grained modelling
Francisco Quevedo Camargo (2018) Genotype-phenotype maps for gene networks: from evolution to computation
Christian Matek (2014) Modelling DNA: Bubbles, Cruciforms and Nano-Structures
Kamaludin Dingle (2014) Bias in Genotype-Phenotype Maps and Implications for Evolution
Petr Sulc (2014 Coarse-Grained Modelling of Nucleic Acids

Prof Siddharth Parameswaran

I am generally interested in all aspects of quantum condensed matter physics, but my current research focuses on two topics:

  • topological states of matter, particularly those with strong interactions or gapless excitations (such as spin liquids or topological semimetals)
  • statistical mechanics and quantum dynamics of non-equilibrium systems (e.g., those that show many-body localisation)

I typically directly supervise 1-2 students and a postdoctoral researcher at any given time, but also collaborate widely with other theoretical and experimental groups. While my work builds primarily on analytical approaches, my group increasingly makes use of fairly sophisticated numerical techniques, such as Monte Carlo and tensor-network methods.

I anticipate having one or more openings for a graduate student to begin in Michaelmas term 2019 (October 2019).

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Current Graduate Student(s):
Michele Fava
Yves Kwan

Prof Steve Simon

My research interests are:

  • Understanding topological phases of matter
  • Physics of highly correlated electrons and/or spins

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Current Graduate Student(s):
Joe Huxford
Abishek Kulshreshtha
Henrik Roising
Glenn Wagner

Recent Graduate Student(s):
Richard Fern (2018) Quantum Hall Edges Beyond Luttinger Liquid
Thomas Scaffidi (2016) Unconventional Superconductivity in Strontium Ruthenate
Fenner Harper (2015) The Hofstadter Model and Other Fractional Chern Insulators
Curt von Keyserlingk (2014) String-net models in condesnsed matter systems
Simon Davenport (2013) Multicomponent fractional quantum Hall effects

Prof Julia Yeomans FRS

My research areas are:

  • Active matter
  • Mechanobiology
  • Mesoscale modelling

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Current Graduate Students:
Rian Hughes
Kristian Thijssen
Guanming Zhang
Mehrana Raeisian Nejad
Liam Ruske
Andrew Orr (with engineering)
Muriel van der Laan

Recent Graduate Students:
Andrew Balin (2017) Statistical mechanics of colloids and active matter in and out of equilibrium
Matthew Andrew (2017) Microflow in Complex Environments
Gianluca Laghezza (2017) Lattice Boltzmann Simulations of Evaporation Phenomena
Arnold Mathijssen (2016) Hydrodynamics of micro-swimmers in complex fluids and environments
Luuk Metsellar (2019) Dynamics and topology of active and passive liquid crystals