New Physics Emerged From Old Materials

Prof Hong Ding - Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing

Wednesday 5th of October at 2.15pm

Decades of intensive research on solid state materials, armed with powerful first-principles theory and sophisticated measurement techniques, seem to leave little room for physicists to harvest in the area of simple semiconducting and semi-metallic materials, which has been long regarded as the playground for engineers. However, the landscape is being rapidly changed with the arrival of “Topological Era”; new physics related to topology has emerged from the old simple materials. In this talk, I will give a few examples regarding this paradigm shift, such as discoveries of “Weyl fermion” in TaAs, large-gap 2D topological insulator on the surface of ZrTe5, “Hourglass fermion” in KHgSb, and topologically entangled Rashba-split state in grey arsenic.

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