Exotic non-symmorphic phases in topological magnetic materials

Prof Maia G. Vergniory

Recently, we have realized that spatial symmetries allow for the stabilization of topological phases much more exotic than those that can be found with time-reversal symmetry alone [1]. In this talk I will show that we can find symmetry-protected free fermionic excitations that can occur in condensed matter systems, classified in linear and quadratic 3-, 6- and 8- band crossings stabilized by space group symmetries in crystals with spin-orbit coupling and time-reversal symmetry [1]. I will also present a powerful theory to look for materials based on topological quantum chemistry [2]. However, a material science study and realization of materials is still lacking in the literature. During this talk I will present some realized candidates and a new innovative way of getting the double Fermi arcs at the surfaces of these new non-symmorphic topological materials accompanied by group theory analysis [3].

[1] B. Bradlyn et al. Science 353 (6299), aaf5037
[2] B. Bradlyn et al. arXiv:1703.02050 (accepted in Nature)
[3] L. M. Schoop et al. submitted