Cherwell-Simon Memorial Lectures

The Cherwell-Simon Lecture is held annually in honour of Frederick Alexander Lindemann (1st Viscount Cherwell, 5 April 1886 - 3 July 1957) and Franz Eugen (Francis) Simon (2 July 1893 - 31 October 1956).

Frederick Lindemann was Dr Lee's Professor of Experimental Physics (1919 - 1956), Director of the Clarendon Laboratory and the scientific adviser to Winston Churchill.
Before and during the war he was responsible for bringing many bright German scientists into the United Kingdom, including his successor, Francis Simon.
Francis Simon worked on the Manhattan Project, joined the Clarendon Laboratory in 1933, having worked with Walther Nernst in Berlin previously, and became a Reader in Thermodynamics in 1936. Simon was appointed Dr Lee's Professor in Experimental Physics and Head of the Clarendon Laboratory in 1956. Sadly, he died a month after taking the Chair.

The inaugural Cherwell-Simon Memorial Lecture was held in 1960. Lecturers have since been amongst some of the most illustrious and world-renowned physicists (see List of Speakers).

2015 Lecture:

The lecture, Topological Boundary Modes from Quantum Electronics to Classical Mechanics, delivered by Professor Charles Kane from the University of Pennsylvania on Friday 15 May 2015 can be found here:

The lecture from 2013 can be found here: