ERC project on Aerosol Effects on Convection

We have been awarded a five-year grant by the European Research Council to investigate Aerosol effects on convective clouds and climate (ACCLAIM).

Figure: Pyrocumulus cloud triggered by wildfires in the Yellowstone National Park on 01/08/2008 [Wikipedia].

In this project we will investigate highly uncertain aerosol-effects on convective clouds as potentially evident in the observed statistical correlation of satellite retrieved cloud top pressure and aerosol optical depth:

Figure: MODIS satellite retrieved relationship between cloud top pressure (CTP) and aerosol optical depth (AOD) expressed as linear regression of dln(CTP)/dln(AOD) of 10 years of 1x1 gridded level 3 retrieval products [Benjamin Grandey].

In ACCLAIM we will consistently combine global models, cloud resolving models and remote sensing data to advance our understanding on the physical processes underlying such observed relationships: