Publications associated with C-Band All Sky Survey

A digital broadband beamforming architecture for 2-PAD

Proceedings of Science 132 (2009) 273-277

R Armstrong, J Hickish, KZ Adami, ME Jones

© 2018 Sissa Medialab Srl. All rights reserved. The development of densely-packed, all-digital aperture arrays is an important area of research required for the Square Kilometre Array (SKA) radio telescope. The design of real-time signal processing systems for digital aperture arrays is currently a central challenge in pathfinder projects worldwide. We describe an hierarchical, frequency-domain beamforming architecture for synthesising a sky beam from the wideband antenna feeds of digital aperture arrays. In particular this work describes a specific implementation of the beamforming architecture to the 2-Polarisation All-Digital (2-PAD) aperture array demonstrator.

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