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Testing an array of 350 GHz drilled smoothwall horns using a vector near-field beam scanner

26th International Symposium on Space Terahertz Technology, ISSTT 2015 (2015)

PK Grimes, E Tong, L Zeng, J Leech, G Yassin

We describe near-field tests and results of an 8 pixel close-packed feedhorn array that will be a key component of an 8 pixel prototype 350 GHz SIS mixer array receiver prototype under construction at SAO. We have fabricated an array of smooth walled multiple flare angle feedhorns by direct drilling into a single block of aluminum. Testing of the feedhorns was carried out using a nearfield scanner and a vector network analyzer based on custom built transmitters and receivers and an HP vector voltmeter. The vector nearfield data is transformed to the farfield radiation pattern using Python code based on the NF2FF Matlab script[1].

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