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Publisher Correction: Precision and accuracy of single-molecule FRET measurements-a multi-laboratory benchmark study.

Nature methods Springer Nature America, Inc (2018)

S Schmid, B Hellenkamp, O Doroshenko, R Kühnemuth, O Opanasyuk, A Barth, M Aznauryan, V Birkedal, B Ambrose, ME Bowen, H Chen, C Gebhardt, T Eilert, C Fijen, T Cordes, G Gouridis, E Gratton, M Götz, T Ha, CA Hanke, P Hao, J Hendrix, LL Hildebrandt, A Hartmann

This paper was originally published under standard Springer Nature copyright. As of the date of this correction, the Analysis is available online as an open-access paper with a CC-BY license. No other part of the paper has been changed.

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