Bloch oscillations and Landau-Zener tunneling in a lossy one-dimensional lattice

Eva-Maria Graefe (Imperial)

A one-dimensional tight-binding lattice with losses from every other lattice site is considered, that could be realised in a number of experimental setups, including cold atoms in optical lattices with particle losses or arrays of optical wave guides. In the absence of losses, if a static tilt is applied to the lattice the continuous dispersion relation is replaced by a discrete spectrum, the Wannier ladder, with equidistant level spacings that lead to periodic dynamics with Bloch frequency. In particular, an initially broad wave packet will perform the famous Bloch oscillations, effectively mapping out the band structure of the tilt-free system. The presence of losses leads to a number of intriguing changes in this picture, which will be explored in this talk. We shall also briefly consider the effect of many-particle interactions in the system. This talk is based on joint work with Bradley Longstaff.