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Measurement results of the MALTA monolithic pixel detector

Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research, Section A: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated Equipment (2019)

EJ Schioppa, I Asensi Tortajada, I Berdalovic, D Bortoletto, R Cardella, F Dachs, V Dao, L Flores Sanz De Acedo, PM Freeman, T Hemperek, T Hirono, B Hiti, T Kugathasan, CA Marin Tobon, K Moustakas, ID Caceido Serra, RM Münker, H Pernegger, F Piro, P Riedler, P Rymaszewski, A Sharma, LS Argemi, W Snoeys, C Solans Sanchez, T Wang, N Wermes, S Worm

© 2019 MALTA is a full scale monolithic pixel detector implemented in TowerJazz 180 nm CMOS technology. The small pixel electrode allowed for the implementation of a fast, low noise and low power front-end, which is sensitive to the charge released by ionizing radiation in a 20–25 μm deep depleted region. The novel asynchronous matrix architecture is designed to ensure low power consumption and high rate capability. Such features make MALTA a possible candidate for the outer layer of ATLAS Inner Tracker (ITk) upgrade. Unirradiated and irradiated MALTA sensors have been extensively tested in laboratory and with high energy particle beams. Results of this measurements campaign are shown, and the further improvements that are being implemented in the next versions of the chip are discussed.

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