First Results from the Energy Frontier

Several Oxford led results were presented at the LHC Experiments Committee (LHCC) open meeting at CERN, on Wednesday the 02.12.2015. The LHCC reviews on a regular basis the accelerator and the experiments. At the open presentations the experiments have the opportunity to present their latest and most important results.

Dijet invariant mass distribution as observed in data (bullets) compared our quantum black hole generator prediction, BlackMax (open circles).

The ATLAS 13 TeV dijet resonance search was featured prominantly at the beginning of the ATLAS status report presentation, as well as the jet energy scale calibration performance, which is essential to all analyses involving jets in ATLAS. Both of these efforts are being led by members of the Oxford Exotics group.

Data in-situ validation of the ATLAS jet energy scale up to 3 TeV in jet transverse momentum.

We would like to congratulate especially Lydia Beresford an Oxford 3rd year graduate student and Dr James Frost for their hard work over the past year which made these results possible.