ATLAS Outstanding Achievement Awards

Dr James Frost and Dr Koichi Nagai, both members of the Oxford ATLAS group received the ATLAS Outstanding Achievement Awards.

James received it for his outstanding contributions to the Data Preparation area, particularly for serving as Prompt Reconstruction Operations Coordinator (PROC) and Data Quality (DQ) convener during the long shutdown one (LS1) of the LHC. His work allowed cosmic data to be reconstructed and monitored, without which the detector couldn't have been commissioned for the 13 TeV start of the LHC last week.

Nagai was granted it for his exemplary dedication to SCT operations and Run-2 commissioning.During Longterm Shutdown 1 (LS1), he contributed to the upgrade of the Detector Control System (DCS) for the SemiConductor Tracker (SCT) and Inner Detector Environment (IDE), as well as maintenances and commissioning of the SCT and IDE systems towards RUN2 operation.