Seminars for Astrophysics

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When Location Title Speaker Series
18 Jan 2021
ZOOM TBAEnrico Ramiriz-Ruiz
Astrophysics Colloquia
21 Jan 2021
Zoom - contact for access. What drives the infrared-radio correlation of star-forming galaxies?Ivan Delvecchio
Galaxy Evolution Seminars (Thursdays)
25 Jan 2021
ZOOM High-power lasers and Laboratory AstrophysicsSteven Rose
Astrophysics Colloquia
26 Jan 2021
Zoom, contact Katy or Max if you are not on the seminar email list Primordial non-gaussianities from consistency relations: a proof of principleAngelo Esposito
(Ecole polytechnique federale de Lausanne (EPFL))
27 Jan 2021
11:00 TBCBaptiste Klein
(University of Oxford)
(SPI-MAX) coffee
28 Jan 2021
Zoom Metallicity dependence of the stellar initial mass function revealed by Wolf-Rayet galaxiesFu-Heng (Eric) Liang
(Subdepartment of Astrophysics & St Cross College, University of Oxford)
Galaxy Evolution Seminars (Thursdays)