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When Location Title Speaker Series
09 Apr 2019
seminar room, DWB What molecular gas teaches us about AGN feedbackKatey Alatalo
Galaxy Evolution Seminars (Thursdays)
11 Apr 2019
Bipac Seminar Room, DWB The MESSIER surveyor: lifting the veil on the ultra low surface brightness universeDavid Valls-Gabaud
(Observatoire de Paris)
Galaxy Evolution Seminars (Thursdays)
26 Apr 2019
Fisher Room Interacting Cosmic Ray Particles in the Galactic Center RegionFarhad Yusef-Zadeh
(Northwestern University)
(SPI-MAX) coffee
29 Apr 2019
Denis Sciama Lecture Theatre Cosmology with weak gravitational lensing: challenges and opportunitiesDr Elisa Chisari
(University of Oxford)
Astrophysics Colloquia