Former Hintze Fellows

Dr Ian Heywood (Hintze Fellow, 2017-19) now Senior Researcher in Radio Astronomy, University of Oxford

Dr David Williams (Hintze Fellow, 2018-20) now Staff Scientist at Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics

Dr Yiqing Liu (Hintze Fellow, 2016-19), now researcher at Beijing University.

Professor Leah Morabito (Hintze Fellow, 2016-19), now Assistant Professor Durham University.

Dr.Kunal Mooley (Hintze Fellow, 2015-17), now Jansky Postdoctoral Fellow, NRAO and Caltech

Dr. John Stott (Hintze Fellow, 2015-16) now Lecturer, University of Lancaster.

Dr. Fabien Schneider (Hintze Fellow, 2015-18) now Gliese Fellow Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Sciences

Dr. Rebecca Bowler (Hintze Fellow 2015-18) now Glasstone Fellow, University of Oxford