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Solubilization of carbon nanotubes with ethylene-vinyl acetate for solution-processed conductive films and charge extraction layers in perovskite solar cells

ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces American Chemical Society 11 (2018) 1185–1191-

G Mazzotta, M Dollmann, Habisreutinger, G Christoforo, Z Wang, H Snaith, M Riede, R Nicholas

Carbon nanotube (CNT) solubilization via non-covalent wrapping of conjugated semiconducting polymers is a common technique used to produce stable dispersions for depositing CNTs from solution. Here, we report the use of a non-conjugated insulating polymer, ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA), to disperse multi- and single-walled CNTs (MWCNT and SWCNT) in organic solvents. We demonstrate that despite the insulating nature of the EVA, we can produce semitransparent films with conductivities of up to 34 S/cm. We show, using photoluminescence spectroscopy, that the EVA strongly binds to individual CNTs, thus making them soluble, preventing aggregation, and facilitating the deposition of high-quality films. To prove the good electronic properties of this composite, we have fabricated perovskite solar cells using EVA/SWCNTs and EVA/MWCNTs as selective hole contact, obtaining power conversion efficiencies of up to 17.1%, demonstrating that the insulating polymer does not prevent the charge transfer from the active material to the CNTs.

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