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Transient response of organo-metal-halide solar cells analyzed by time-resolved current-voltage measurements

Photonics 2 (2015) 1101-1115

MG Christoforo, ET Hoke, MD McGehee, EL Unger

© 2015 by the authors. The determination of the power conversion efficiency of solar cells based on organo-metal-halides is subject to an ongoing debate. As solar cell devices may exhibit very slow transient response, current-voltage scans in different directions may not be congruent, which is an effect often referred to as hysteresis. We here discuss time-resolved current-voltage measurements as a means to evaluate appropriate delay times (voltage settling times) to be used in current-voltage measurements of solar cells. Furthermore, this method allows the analysis of transient current response to extract time constants that can be used to compare characteristic differences between devices of varying architecture types, selective contacts and changes in devices due to storage or degradation conditions.

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