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The potential of multijunction perovskite solar cells

ACS Energy Letters American Chemical Society 2 (2017) 2506-2513

MT Hörantner, T Leijtens, ME Ziffer, GE Eperon, M Christoforo, HJ Snaith

Metal halide perovskite semiconductors offer rapid, low-cost deposition of solar cell active layers with a wide range of band gaps, making them ideal candidates for multijunction solar cells. Here, we combine optical and electrical models using experimental inputs to evaluate the feasible performances of all-perovskite double-junction (2PJ), triple-junction (3PJ), and perovskite-perovskite-silicon triple-junction (2PSJ) solar cells. Using parameters and design constraints from the current state-of-the-art generation of perovskite solar cells, we find that 2PJs can feasibly approach 32% power conversion efficiency, 3PJs can reach 33%, and 2PSJs can surpass 35%. We also outline pathways to improve light harvesting and demonstrate that it is possible to raise the performances to 34%, 37%, and 39% for the three architectures. Additionally, we discuss important future directions of research. Finally, we perform energy yield modeling to demonstrate that the multijunction solar cells should not suffer from reduced operational performances due to discrepancies between the AM1.5G and real-world spectrum over the course of a year.

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