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Efficiency enhancement of gallium arsenide photovoltaics using solution-processed zinc oxide nanoparticle light scattering layers

Journal of Nanomaterials 2015 (2015)

Y Kang, D Liang, S Mehra, Y Huo, Y Chen, MG Christoforo, A Salleo, JS Harris

© 2015 Yangsen Kang et al. We demonstrate a high-throughput, solution-based process for subwavelength surface texturing of a III-V compound solar cell. A zinc oxide (ZnO) nanoparticle ink is spray-coated directly on top of a gallium arsenide (GaAs) solar cell. The nanostructured ZnO films have demonstrated antireflection and light scattering properties over the visible/near-infrared (NIR) spectrum. The results show a broadband spectral enhancement of the solar cell external quantum efficiency (EQE), a 16% enhancement of short circuit current, and a 10% increase in photovoltaic efficiency.

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