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Structured organic–inorganic perovskite toward a distributed feedback laser

Advanced Materials Wiley 28 (2015) 923-929

M Saliba, S Wood, J Patel, P Nayak, J Huang, J Alexander-Webber, B Wenger, S Stranks, M Hörantner, J Wang, R Nicholas, L Herz, M Johnston, S Morris, H Snaith, M Riede

A general strategy for the in-plane structuring of organic-inorganic perovskite films is presented. The method is used to fabricate an industrially relevant distributed feedback (DFB) cavity, which is a critical step towards all-electrially pumped injection laser diodes. This approach opens the prospects of perovskite materials for much improved optical control in LEDs, solar cells and also toward applications as optical devices.

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