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Semi-transparent perovskite solar cells for tandems with silicon and CIGS

Energy and Environmental Science 8 (2015) 956-963

CD Bailie, MG Christoforo, JP Mailoa, AR Bowring, EL Unger, WH Nguyen, J Burschka, N Pellet, JZ Lee, M Grätzel, R Noufi, T Buonassisi, A Salleo, MD McGehee

© 2015 The Royal Society of Chemistry. A promising approach for upgrading the performance of an established low-bandgap solar technology without adding much cost is to deposit a high bandgap polycrystalline semiconductor on top to make a tandem solar cell. We use a transparent silver nanowire electrode on perovskite solar cells to achieve a semi-transparent device. We place the semi-transparent cell in a mechanically-stacked tandem configuration onto copper indium gallium diselenide (CIGS) and low-quality multicrystalline silicon (Si) to achieve solid-state polycrystalline tandem solar cells with a net improvement in efficiency over the bottom cell alone. This work paves the way for integrating perovskites into a low-cost and high-efficiency ( > 25%) tandem cell.

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