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Built-in voltage of organic bulk heterojuction p-i-n solar cells measured by electroabsorption spectroscopy

AIP Advances 4 (2014)

E Siebert-Henze, VG Lyssenko, J Fischer, M Tietze, R Brueckner, M Schwarze, K Vandewal, D Ray, M Riede, K Leo

We investigate the influence of the built-in voltage on the performance of organic bulk heterojuction solar cells that are based on a p-i-n structure. Electrical doping in the hole and the electron transport layer allows to tune their work function and hence to adjust the built-in voltage: Changing the doping concentration from 0.5 to 32 wt% induces a shift of the work function towards the transport levels and increases the built-in voltage. To determine the built-in voltage, we use electroabsorption spectroscopy which is based on an evaluation of the spectra caused by a change in absorption due to an electric field (Stark effect). For a model system with a bulk heterojunction of BF-DPB and C60, we show that higher doping concentrations in both the electron and the hole transport layer increase the built-in voltage, leading to an enhanced short circuit current and solar cell performance. © 2014 Author(s).

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