Physics of Life recognised by IOP

30 October 2020

Institute of Physics' Rosalind Franklin Medal

The Physics of Life UK Network (PoLNET) steering group has been awarded the Institute of Physics’ Rosalind Franklin Medal and Prize.

The medal is in recognition of the network bringing physicists and biologists together to stimulate new, adventurous partnerships at the interface between physics, the life sciences and medicine.

Professor Andrew Turberfield, from the University of Oxford’s Department of Physics, was one of PoLNET’s founding members: ‘The network was born out of the need to bring physicists and biologists together, to learn from one another and to tackle the challenge of integrating our understanding of living systems from single molecules to systems biology.’

The steering group has catalysed substantial growth of the UK Physics of Life community. The IOP remarked on the team members’ selfless efforts in organising activities including workshops, summer schools and plenary events for the PoLNET community in the UK around topics as diverse as life in extreme environments, the physics of cancer and synthetic biology. The network’s activities have contributed to new collaborations and grants including a £30m UKRI Stategic Priorities Fund for building collaborations at the Physics of Life Interface.

The team is made up of representatives from 14 different universities.

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