Meet...Adam Wright

29 July 2020

Name: Dr Adam Wright
Job title: Junior Research Fellow, Mansfield College

What are you currently working on?
I am working on some wiggles in the absorption spectra of a perovskite semiconductor, formamidinium lead tri-iodide, which is a high-performance photovoltaic material. The wiggles appear above the bandgap and are quite unlike anything that has been seen before in related materials. I have become convinced that they are the result of quantum confinement, but the cause of this confinement is less clear. It is a great scientific problem to work on!

Describe a typical day
I am a bit of a night owl, and working from home has led me to indulge in my nocturnal working habits more than I should have. When writing up papers at home, I have tended to deal with administrative stuff in the mornings and go for a run in the afternoon, before getting down to the meat of my work in the evening and night. When in the lab, periods spent taking measurements are punctuated by group tea times at 11am and 4pm – a great way to get a fresh perspective on experimental problems!

If you had an entire day at your disposal, what would be your ideal way to spend it?
My wife and I have become avid gardeners lately, so it would certainly be tempting to get on top of the ever-growing list of things that need doing in the garden.

What is your favourite place in Oxford?
Oxford is such a lovely place to live, so it is very hard to choose. I have very fond memories of running up to St Margaret’s Well in Binsey and feeling like I was in the middle of the open countryside. Port Meadow is a treasure as well.

What discovery would you like to see in your lifetime?
I am a big fan of science fiction so I would have to dream big and say antigravity or teleportation.