Physics Alumna wins prestigious IoP Business Award

18 October 2019

Oxford Physics alumna Dr. Cecilia Muldoon and her team from VeriVin Ltd have been awarded a prestigious Institute of Physics Business Start-Up Award for VeriVin’s through-barrier analyser, that allows the authentication, characterisation and monitoring of complex liquids without opening their container.

The IOP Business Start-Up Award specifically recognises and celebrates young companies with a great business idea founded on a physics invention, with the potential for business growth and significant societal impact.

VeriVin is a start-up that has developed a through-barrier spectroscopic analyser for wine, spirits and other complex liquids eg olive oils, perfumes, and even blood transfusion bags in sealed containers. VeriVin plans to create a database with the optical fingerprints of millions of bottles of wine, allowing them to be authenticated, characterised and monitored over time.

The applications for VeriVin’s technology range from anti-counterfeiting and quality control to profiling and validation (rubber stamping) for wine producers. Its use will lead to a powerful database of molecular ID tags that could have a major impact on the wine and spirits industry.

VeriVin have been collaborating with Prof Axel Kuhn from the Physics Department through a successful Innovate UK grant.

Institute of Physics President, Jonathan Flint, said:
“The IOP Business Awards recognise large and small companies that have built success on the creative application of physics. There are very few awards that do this. The application of physics has the potential to produce cutting-edge technologies, and to drive business innovation and growth. It also fuels significant positive societal and economic transformation, both locally and globally. Now, more than ever, we need continued investment to ensure a healthy supply of physicists in the UK and Ireland. These awards remind us of that, and of what can be achieved when our talent is encouraged, developed and rewarded.”

The winners were presented with their awards at a ceremony in the Houses of Parliament; an evening recognising entrepreneurship and excellence in physics and innovation.

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