Alex Savin receives a best student presentation prize at ICHED 2019

19 May 2019

Alex Savin, a third year DPhil student in Prof Peter Norreys group in Atomic and Laser Physics, received the runner-up student presentation prize for his talk at the International Conference on High Energy Density science (ICHED 2019) conference in University College Oxford in April 2019. Alex's paper was entitled "Energy Absorption in the Laser-QED Regime" and described the interaction of multi-petawatt laser pulses with solid targets. He showed a dramatic change in the escaping electron energy scaling is to be expected when the electron-positron pair production regime is entered at extreme intensities. New laser facilities are coming on-line in Europe to test these predictions via the Extreme Light Infrastructure project.

Many congratulations to Alex on his achievement from everyone in the Department of Physics.