Thinking 3D in Oxford & Physics

14 June 2019

Physics researchers taking part of the 'Thinking 3D' programme of events

From March this year, until February 2020, visitors to Oxford will have a chance to learn the answer to questions such as: 'How did humans first learn to communicate a three-dimensional idea on the two-dimensional page? What can we learn from past attempts by great thinkers like Leonardo, with his heart of glass? And whose work is pushing the boundaries of three-dimensionality in Oxford today?'

Various members of our department will be taking part in this year long research project, and you could look at the most up-to-date list of events and special talks here.

This week, Dr Jonatahn Bath took part of the 'Library lates' showing his work on how DNA can be used as a nanometre-scale construction material. You can read more about his research here.

On Saturday 22nd June, we will be hosting a whole day of talks and hands on, here in the department, 'Thinking 3D - Space & Time' open to general public (you can read more about it and still book places here - but hurry, they are going fast!)

On Thursday June 27th, Prof Steven Balbus, Head of Astrophysics and Savilian Professor, will be speaking at the Bodleian (Weston Library).You can read more and book (free) tickets, here.

Prof S Balbus and 3d black hole_0.jpg

This is Prof Balbus with a 3D printer model taken from a simulation of a black hole accretion disc.

In connection with the 400th anniversary of the founding of the Savilian Chairs in Astronomy and Geometry, Prof Balbus has been asked to provide some of his own research material to the Bodleian. From Einstein’s papers to modern computer simulations that he is involved with, this exhibition will be ongoing from this Saturday June 15 through early September. There is accordingly a window case entitled "Visualising Black Holes” which exhibits, among well known background journal articles on the the topic, including a 3D printer model of a GR MHD calculation of a Kerr accretion disc.

The current Savilian Professor of Geometry, Frances Kirwan, is also participating.

We hope you can take some time to attend some of these events, and if you do, share your photos on social media with us!