8 June 2020

A four-year observing campaign with the UK’s Lovell Telescope of an extraordinary source of Fast Radio Bursts – short duration bursts of radio emission thought to originate in a distant galaxy – has revealed an as yet undiscovered feature of this source. These latest findings have been published in a paper out today, 8 June 2020.

8 June 2020

Research led by Oxford Physicists shows how a novel functional discovery approach can be used to address a longstanding problem in the study of dense plasma opacities.

The work was performed at the FLASH free-electron laser in Hamburg, where femtosecond XUV pulses were focused down to micron spots to create solid density plasmas at temperatures exceeding 200,000 K.

4 June 2020

Professor Philip Burrows has been appointed Director of the John Adams Institute for Accelerator Science (JAI) for a five-year term. The JAI is a three institute centre of excellence for advanced accelerator science and technology based in the Department of Physics at Oxford and at Royal Holloway University of London and Imperial College London.

3 June 2020

The Department of Physics is delighted to welcome eight new Associate Professor Tutorial Fellows to its academic staff.

‘We are thrilled to be joined by such fantastic new colleagues,’ enthuses Professor Ian Shipsey, Head of Department. ‘Each one brings with them their rich experience, cutting-edge research and insightful teaching practice. As leading experts in their fields, the entire department is very excited for what the future holds. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the search committees for their excellent work in identifying such exceptional talent.’

2 June 2020

In March, the Department of Physics welcomed Dr Kim Budil and Professor Emeritus Frank Close to deliver a lecture giving two very different perspectives on high-energy-density science. The event marked 80 years of the Frisch-Peierls Memorandum and a drinks reception was held at the department’s own Rudolph Peierls Centre for Theoretical Physics.

2 June 2020

Name: Thorsten Hauler
Job title: Head of Research Grants and Contracts

2 June 2020

Name: Jenny Barnes

Job title:
Undergraduate Teaching Laboratory Manager

10 May 2020

Oxford's Department of Physics is pleased to announce a Horizon 2020 Grant for perovskite-based lighting, wearables and fabric devices with LiFi and photovoltaic capability has been approved and started 1 April 2020.

The EU H2020-funded project PeroCUBE aims at developing flexible, lightweight perovskite-based electronics, creating new commercial opportunities for the lighting, energy and telecom industries. The consortium brings together 14 industrial and academic partners from 10 European countries.

6 May 2020

Scientists from the University of Oxford’s Department of Physics have managed to record the full polarisation state of terahertz pulses by developing a nanowire-based sensor.

29 April 2020

Royal Society Research Professor in Climate Physics Tim Palmer has been elected as an International Member of the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) in recognition of his distinguished and continuing achievement in original research.