Marko Mayr wins a best poster prize at an international workshop

19 May 2019

Marko Mayr, a second-year DPhil student under the supervision of Prof Peter Norreys, was awarded a best poster competition prize by an expert panel at the Laser Plasma Accelerator Workshop, Split, Croatia, 6th -10th May 2019. Marko's poster was entitled "Wakefields in a Cluster Plasma" and described the research work he had conducted at the Clarendon Laboratory over the past eighteen months since he started his doctoral degree.

Marko reported on the observations of large amplitude Langmuir waves in a plasma of nanometre-scale clusters. The shape of these wakefields was captured by a single-shot frequency-domain holography diagnostic at an oblique angle of incidence for the first time. The wavefronts were observed to curve backwards, in contrast to the forwards curvature of wakefields in uniform plasma. The first wakefield period is longer than those trailing it. These features of the data are well described by fully relativistic, two-dimensional simulations using the OSIRIS particle-in-cell code.

Marko is pictured here (right) accepting his award from the Workshop chairman, Prof Stefan Karsch.

Many congratulations to Marko from everyone in the Department of Physics.