Girls explore science at Marie Curious 2019

14 March 2019

To mark International Day of Women and Girls in Science, Oxford Physics held its second annual girls-in-STEM event (science, technology, engineering and maths). ‘Marie Curious’ brings together 100 local girls aged 11-14 and 30 scientists for a day of interactive science including hands-on workshops, a panel discussion and a science show about light! You can see more photos from the day here.

The day was thoroughly enjoyed by the girls and staff alike. The workshops included exploring the gooeyness of slime, spotting connections between dinosaurs and birds (with specimens of both!), getting to grips with guts, finding pi with a needle and revealing radioactivity with DIY cloud chambers. The workshops brought together scientists and students from Physics, Materials, Maths, Earth Science, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Begbroke Science Park and more! During the panel discussion, the girls were invited to ask questions of five women in science. Their questions were insightful and engaged, and the answers from our panel were empowering. It was a pleasure to host and run this event, and our thanks go to everyone who took part. Here are some of their thoughts:

I think one of the best things about the event was that it made female scientists a lot more accessible – rather than just reading about an inspirational female scientist, we actually got to meet and talk to them. --Attendee

I got to see how diverse and positive all of the scientists are. --Attendee

I liked doing all the experiments and seeing how things work. --Attendee

Thank you so much for a fantastic day! My daughter loved it! --Parent

Congratulations to Sian Tedaldi and the diverse team of women in science behind Oxford Physics' Marie Curious event. An excited, if tired, 11yo and I played with our diffraction glasses on the train home, finding them particularly fun at stations!--Parent

Proud to participate again in the Marie Curious 2019 event organised by the Department of Physics of the University of Oxford to celebrate the International Girls & Women in Science Day. It was such an honour to share the stage with such inspiring women and getting to tell my story to the next generation of STEM female scientists. --Panellist

Fantastic morning investigating goo with all the budding young scientists at Oxford Physics' Marie Curious event. Thanks to everyone involved! --Workshop leader

Big thanks to Oxford Physics for hosting yesterday’s Marie Curious event and to Kathryn and Oxford Earth Science's fantastic Isobel Walker for herding all workshop facilitators, including me. It was absolutely fab to meet all those bright young women! --Workshop facilitator