Physics-inspired art for Oxfordshire Artweeks

13 March 2018

Oxford Physics will participate for the first time in the Oxfordshire Artweeks and will exhibit art work by members of the Department on the 12.05/13.05 and 18.05.2018 in the Beecroft Building. The Oxfordshire Artweeks is an annual event that showcases art pieces around Oxfordshire in people’s homes and community centres or other venues.

We are inviting members of the Department to prepare artwork to be displayed. We accept any medium (drawings, paintings, photography, sculpture, jewellery or any other choices you think appropriate) that can be displayed easily and safely). Paintings, photographs and similar pieces should be framed. Artwork should be inspired by the research we pursue or the tools and technologies that enable us to perform our research.

How to enter
Everyone in the department is invited to participate: students, technicians, engineers, postdoctoral researchers, staff and academics. The deadline for registration is 19.03.2018 and please register here.

The registration process allows us to gauge interest and plan the exhibition. We may only be able to display a selection of the pieces if we receive a large number of entries. For more information please refer to or email and